Is a Lakeland truck cap or tonneau cover waterproof?

To be honest the answer is no. High pressure car washes, heavy rains, flexing and twisting of the truck bed, seasonal temperature change, parking on uneven surfaces, off road use and age all attribute to water seepage.

A truck cap or tonneau cover are simply an add-on to an open truck bed. It is not intended to be and will not turn your trucks bed into a SUV or van. Seepage through windows, the truck’s tailgate and front corners can occur. Lakeland truck caps and tonneau covers are weather resistant but will not be waterproof. No aftermarket truck bed cover can be 100% waterproof. Every attempt to tighten up window seals and to close up gaps and joints are made.

What can I do on my own? (Take a 1/4" nut hand drive and tighten all the interior screws on the windows and door. Often this will help)

*It is recommended that you take precautions to protect any cargo items of value with plastic bags or airtight containers.

If our competition states that their truck caps are 100% waterproof, they are misleading you.

How can I get a quote for a Lakeland truck cap?

Complete the “Build Your Own” form at http://lakelandtruckcaps.com/build-your-own.iml a quote will be emailed to you. You may also call for a quote over the phone. See http://lakelandtruckcaps.com/contact-us.iml for contact and store locations. You may also stop at a Lakeland Truck Caps Outlet.

How do I place an order for a Lakeland truck cap?

View our contact information at http://lakelandtruckcaps.com/contact-us.iml by answering a few basic questions about your truck you can easily place your order via the telephone or visit your nearest Lakeland Truck Caps Outlet.

How long does it take to get a Lakeland truck cap or tonneau cover delivered to the outlet store?

Delivery time of your new Lakeland truck cap or tonneau cover to the Lakeland Outlet can vary. It generally takes approximately 6 weeks for current model year trucks. However, older model year trucks will take longer. You will be contacted by the Lakeland outlet store when your Lakeland truck cap or tonneau cover is ready to be installed to schedule an appointment. * Due to Covid-19 shortages lead-times may be extended

How do I get my Lakeland truck cap or tonneau cover painted to my truck’s color?

Your Lakeland fiberglass truck cap or tonneau cover will be painted with Axalta paints supplied by Axalta Coating Systems LLC (formerly DuPont) using state of the art painting equipment. Your vehicle identification number and oem paint code will be required to determine the closest formula for your truck. The paint color formula that is used is based on the automotive industry standard.

It is our goal to provide you with a top quality truck cap or tonneau cover with an acceptable paint finish that is the closest to your truck’s oem paint finish. Although obtaining an acceptable color is our desired goal, an exact color match of any aftermarket truck accessory is not possible and cannot be guaranteed and should not be expected.

The task of matching the paint color of a truck cap with a vehicles color is increasingly complex. Below is a list of some, but not all of the issues that can affect color appearance.
  • Automotive Production Facilities use multiple paint suppliers
  • Each new batch of paint used at the Automotive Production Facilities will have a slight variance.
  • Painting a pick-up truck made of metal; in comparison to the fiberglass cap can cause the paint to appear different.
  • New paint applied to a fiberglass truck cap may appear brighter.
  • Fiberglass truck caps can incur a static charge causing the metallic paint to settle different than on the sheet metal parts, pigment floatation will shift the color darker or lighter.
  • Paint technologies can change at each plant often on the same type of vehicle.
  • Application equipment, like “robotics”, “electrostatic”, and “conventional” all apply paint differently.
  • Metallic paints, temperature, humidity, differences in line speed, and piping distances can all cause a variation in color.
  • Exposure to pollution and weather on a new truck’s paint finish can affect your trucks finish. Sunlight has ultra-violet rays that absorb some of the pigments causing color breakdown.

How is my Lakeland truck cap or tonneau cover installed onto my truck?

Clamps designed for this purpose are used to fasten your Lakeland truck cap or tonneau cover to the bed rails of your bed. A foam tape gasket is attached to the underside of the truck cap or tonneau cover rail. This will provide a cushion between, and will help to close off the gaps in your truck bed. A rear brakelight will be wired for all Lakeland truck caps.   

Note: Truck caps and tonneau covers can shift from flexing and twisting of the truck bed as a result it is not uncommon to have some paint wear or marks on the truck bed or tailgate upon removal.

Will a Lakeland truck cap or tonneau cover affect my fuel economy?

Some truck owners have reported improvement in gas mileage. This may be due to closing off the bed and creating a smooth air flow. Results will vary.

How does a Lakeland truck cap adapt to the bend in my truck’s tailgate?

Each Lakeland truck cap rear door will be equipped with a lower door skirt/shroud. This will follow the shape of the truck's tailgate and will help to divert water away from your tailgate. Note: This is not a grab handle and is not intended to be used to close the truck cap door.

Is my Lakeland truck cap or tonneau cover a secured storage area?

A Lakeland truck cap and/or tonneau cover will provide a reasonable level of security. Quality locking handles and tinted glass are used to help protect your cargo. However, they are limited in the level of security that it can provide. Similar to your truck a window can be smashed and a door can be pried open allowing access. It is recommended to take necessary precautions to protect your valuable cargo.

Do you offer financing?

No, however, we do accept MC/VISA and Discover cards.

Can a truck cap or tonneau cover damage my trucks paint finish?

Movement and product shifting while driving on uneven surfaces and rough roads can occur. Installing a truck cap or tonneau cover can leave marks on the truck body. This is not uncommon. We recommend checking the fasteners frequently.

Can passengers ride in the back of my truck bed while using a Lakeland truck cap or tonneau cover?

Never allow anyone to occupy the cargo area of the pickup with a Lakeland truck cap or tonneau cover when the engine is running. Exhaust systems can fail and carbon monoxide poisoning can occur even with a truck cap. Always open windows for proper ventilation if transporting pets or other animals.

How are Lakeland truck caps and tonneau covers shipped from the factory?

Lakeland truck caps and tonneau covers are shipped using semi-truck trailers. 

Why does the Lakeland truck cap or tonneau cover wrap over the side of the truck’s bed rail caps?

The wrap over design is a new standard in the truck cap industry. All newer model Lakeland truck caps and tonneau covers will wrap over the outer edge of your trucks bed rail caps in effort to visually conceal the bed rail caps from sight. As a result the truck cap or tonneau cover may appear wider than the truck bed rail. This is normal.

Can I use a roof mounted rack on the top of my Lakeland truck cap or tonneau cover?

Yes, roof mounted racks are available for Lakeland truck caps. Contact your Lakeland outlet for more information.

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What happens if I need parts for my Lakeland truck cap?

Each Lakeland outlet can provide basic repair service for your Lakeland truck cap and tonneau cover. However, if necessary your truck cap or tonneau cover may need to be returned to the factory for repairs. An estimated cost can be provided.

Can a Lakeland fiberglass truck cap or tonneau cover be repainted or repaired if damaged?

Fiberglass is a strong material. However, it can break or crack when hit with blunt force both internally or externally. Fiberglass can be successfully repaired and repainted by a qualified auto body repair center. Important: Secure your cargo to prevent damage to your truck cap.

What routine maintenance and care do you recommend for my new Lakeland truck cap or tonneau cover?

  • Check the tightness of clamps after the first week of operation, then again every three months.
  • Never operate your Lakeland truck cap or tonneau cover in the open position. Damage will result to your shocks and hinges.
  • Lubricate locks monthly using lithium grease or equivalent to prevent failure. Use regularly.
  • Wait 90 days before washing or polishing your new Lakeland truck cap or tonneau cover.
  • After the 90 days the painted surface of your Lakeland truck cap or tonneau cover can be cared for as directed in the vehicle’s owner’s manual.
  • Lakeland Renegade and Predator truck cap frameless rear doors: On occasion due to flexing and twisting of the truck bed, adjustments may be necessary to the realign the rear door latching system. This adjustment is provided to you at no cost at any Lakeland outlet. Call for a short appointment. However, you can do this adjustment yourself. There are two different points of adjustment. The rotary latch on the inside of the door can be adjusted side to side. The D-ring on the door frame can be moved up and down. The latch should be close to the center on the D- ring. If the door will not open when twisting the handle the inside cable clamp has released from the rotary latch. Call your nearest Lakeland outlet to schedule an appointment.
  • Cold weather can reduce the effectiveness of the gas door supports.

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