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BAK Revolver X2

  • Whether you use your truck for work or for leisure, the BAK Revolver X2 tonneau cover has you covered. Being a hard cover, yet still having the ability to roll to your cab gives full bed access and is just what you need. BAK pulled out all the bells and whistles on this truck bed cover as it is constructed from high-quality materials and built for security.


    • Combines strength of a hard cover with the flexibility of a roll-up cover
    • Full bed security with patented locking rails
    • Water resistant finish
    • Heavy-duty locks for complete tough security
    • Solid aluminum construction
    • Operate from either side with automatic slam latch
    • No lifting with easy one-handed rolling design
    • Quick, easy clamp on installation
    • Provides 100% bed access
    • No Velcro or stitching
    • Full access to stake pocket holes for other accessories
    • Made in the USA
    • 3-year warranty

    The patented locking rails help provide full bed security as the hard cover is nearly impossible to get into! Trust us, no criminal is going to want to take something strong enough to cut through the sturdy aluminum slats! For them to take that kind of time and energy would just not be worth it. That means you can rest assured your cargo is protected. Not only is it guarded against thieves, but the elements cannot harm your precious goods either. Easily operate the cover from either side with the automatic slam latch and secure it when rolled up with the durable buckle straps. All of the supplied hardware is 3X thicker and heavier duty to give added strength.

    Quickly install the BAK Revolver X2 tonneau cover with an easy, clamp on installation process. Get 100% full bed access by using one hand to roll the hard-rolling cover up to the cab of the truck. Be able to give your truck a stylish look, yet still be completely functional! Order yours today!

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